Nigeria: Criminal Activities Increasing at Galadima Area in Borno

There are strong indications that despite the demolition of hotels and other criminal hideouts in Galadima area of Maiduguri northeast Nigeria criminal activities selling of drugs and alcohol as well as commercial sex activates are increasing by the day in the area.

The Borno state government last month demolished several hotels around Galadima, Mairi and Moduganari because they have become hideout for criminals and heaven for commercial sex workers
However, checks by Dandal Kura Radio International reveals that resident in the area are leasing houses to alcohol sellers and commercials sex workers as well as harboring criminals.

Criminals activities such as looting, kidnapping and the rape of teenagers are on the increase in the area according to chairman of railway residents associations Mallma Yusuf who appealed to government to take further steps before the situation get out of hand.

Our correspondents who visited the area reports that commercial sex workers are parading soliciting for customers even in the daylight while drugs are sold openly under the watchful eyes of the security personnel who are also active participants.

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