Nigeria: Beggars Cry For Help In Maiduguri

By: Aisha SD Jamal

High number of beggars occupy streets and highways in Maiduguri, State capital of Borno State Northeast Nigeria, due to Boko Haram insurgency.

Dandal Kura reporter Aisha SD Jamal interacted with some victims and survivors of Boko Haram who said begging is their only source of livelihood in the city despites the number of Non-governmental Organizations in the state.

Babagana Ngwali a father, said he engaged in begging to take care of his children, another begger Fatima Binta said she is begging because she is sick and she has nobody to take care of her.

The report uncovered that the beggars comprises young, old men and women, children who were force out of their villages because of insurgency.

Another young woman with her three young brothers told Dandal Kura Radio International that they are begging because they have nothing to eat and to take care of their sick mother.

Beggars appealed to the Government and NGOs to ease their difficulties as citizen of Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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