The attention of the Nigerian Army has reacted to what it called mischievous publications by a United Kingdom based Doctor Idris Ahmed.

Idris Ahmed anti-corruption crusader in his latest write up on the 23rd August 2018 titled Bomb Shell and How Corrupt Brigadier General Clement Apere Deliberately Sends Soldiers to Die in the Hands of Boko Haram”

In a statement signed by Army spokesman Brigadier General Texas Chukwu said that the allegation is a mere fictitious and reaffirmed that patriotic soldier and indeed all militaries at the war front in the North East have established procedures for its daily administration including the deployment of troops and fighting a war

Dr Idris Ahmed who alleged among other things that some senior officers connived and set up soldiers and systematically give weapons to Boko Haram terrorists who dislodge 800 soldiers, killing hundreds of them is false.

Moreover, the statement added that formations and units deployed have clearly established chains of command, administration and logistics supply, support, replenishment and reinforcement.

General Texas Chukwu therefore condemned Ahmed Idris’s Write up by saying that it is very callous and irresponsible of any person to imagine that senior officer of the Nigerian Army could treasonably connive with any terrorist or set up any soldier.

He then called members of the public are implored to totally disregard all the senseless allegations by Dr Idris Ahmed.


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