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Nigeria And 16 Other Countries Are At Risk Of Facing Food Emergencies -WFP

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A new report published by the United Nations warns that Northern Nigeria is at risk of falling into famine due to high levels of food insecurity.

Burkina Faso in West Africa as well as Yemen in Asia and South Sudan in northeastern Africa, are also on the list of countries exposed to face a similar situation.

The UN said that if the coronavirus pandemic continued for the next three to six months, it could greatly threaten the populations’ access to food.

UN World Food Programme’s Senior Food Security Adviser Ah Poe said aside from the COVID-19 pandemic, the lack of humanitarian access to communities, climate change and conflicts can also contribute towards the famine, the official noted.

The WFP Director Margot van der Velden also warned that the world is at a catastrophic turning point, with famine now declared at four different countries at the same time, on two different continents.

WFP also warned that 16 other countries are at risk of facing major food emergencies within the next six months.

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