Nigeria Air Force Assures Nigerians of Adequate Security

The Nigerian Air Force has assured Nigerians of adequate security in the country, saying that Nigerian Air Force had the capacity to surmount any security challenge in the country, whenever it might arise.
Air Commodore Muyiwa Adedoyin, Commander, 671 NAF detachment, Ibadan, gave the assurance on Saturday during the First Quarterly Route Match of the command in Ibadan.

Adedoyin said his men were equal to the task and would continue to ensure that effective security for Nigerians as empowered by the Constitution.
He said the purpose of the exercise was to keep the personnel fit because a man behind the weapon must be fit in order to prevent accident.

As military men, fitness is a way of life for us and it makes sense to be fit to be able to defend the country.
As military men, no matter the sophistication of our weapon, whether on the ground on in the air, we need a fit mind and body to be able to execute our function, Adedoyin said.

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