Nigeria: Adamawa Traditional Leaders To Meet With Cameroon Communities In Maiha

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By: Yagana Ali, Adamawa

Four District Heads From Maiha local government area of AdamAwa North Eastern part of Nigeria and 7 From Cameroon neighbouring communities To Attend The Peace/Security Meeting in Maiha.

Maiha local government authority has concluded all arrangements to host the international peace and security meeting.

The Saturday meeting in Maiha will host the seven communities of Dumo, Gashiga, Bashew, Dazal, Denbo, Girviza & Shevi.

Their Maiha counterpart,which are four district heads of the five districts in the local government area comprises of; Belel, Mbilla, Sorau and Pakka will deliberate majorly on the issue of security challenges and transborder crimes disturbing their areas

In an interview with Dandal Kura corespondent Yagana Ali , Dr. Idi Ali Amin, the Hon. Chairman Maiha local government, being the host, said the international meeting was slated for Saturday, June 27, 2020 at Maiha local government headquarters.

According to him the meeting, so timely as it has appeared to be, would review the issue of mutual and peaceful coexistence, in addition to the security.

The insecurity associated with the insurgency and kidnapping for ransom would form the background of the Saturday meeting in Maiha.

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