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Nigeria: Adamawa State Govt Relaxes Curfew

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By Hassan Umar Shallpella, Adamawa!

Adamawa State Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri has relaxed the 24 hours curfew earlier imposed on the state in the wake up looting and vandalism of government and public properties by hoodlums.

The curfew is now to be observed from 8am to 6pm beginning from Friday 30th October 2020.

Fintiri disclosed the review of the curfew in a statewide broadcast on Thursday evening to the people of the state, explained that the timings will be reviewed as situation warrants.

He said based on the current outcomes and the fact that there is considerable demonstration of remorse and regrets from most of the good citizens who were misled into this unholy act by a few mobsters on the return of the loots items.

He also said that House-to-House search will no longer necessarily be in the form initially envisaged.

He added that they encourage landlords to talk to their tenants, Neighbours to talk to each other and parents to talk to their children untii there is no remnants of the loot items in any of the households.

He also encouraged Whistle blowers for doing their best in the recovery process and called them to do more.

He added that Checkpoints will be mounted at all the entry and exit points of the State to stop any attempt by the thieves to escape with the looted items out of the State.

He commended the citizens for their compliance with the curfew and appreciated those who were misled into participating in the loot, pillage and plunder of the common patrimony, for seeing reason in returning the looted items.

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