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Nigeria: 26 NSCDC, 6 Military Officers Arrested Over Arms Deal

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The military and a renowned Hunter, Ali Kwara have revealed how about 26 officials of Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps and six military officers were arrested for allegedly selling arms and ammunition’s to kidnappers and bandits in Katsina and Zamfara states.

Speaking to newsmen on in Azare, Alhaji Ali Kwara hinted that the breakthrough was possible through joint operation with the military that was set up by President Muhammadu Buhari to track bandits and kidnappers causing havoc around Katsina and Zamfara states, adding that the operation is making a huge success.

He said that the deal between NSCDC and military officers involved in the selling of the arms and ammunition were exposed through a repentant armed robber who cried to him that he has seen some group of officers who are more of human and heartless than himself.

He said that he required to have a meeting with the repentant armed robber where he got the full knowledge of how the deal was struck.

The hunter explained that on Wednesday that the Commandant of NSCDC had ordered for the immediate termination of the job of those officers involved and were taken to court for proper prosecution.

Alhaji Kwara however called for the overhaul of the Nigeria Security architecture which he laments is full of mis-feeds who are complicit in the fights against Crime and Criminality in the Nigeria.

Also called government to take proper measure on unemployed youth large n the country for tackling the meanance of criminal activities in all part of the country.

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