Nigeri: Bola Market Traders Praises Governor Zulum Over Road Construction



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By: Muhammed Nur Ali

It was an electrifying moment for artisans and majority of spare parts traders at Bòlah market in Maiduguri’s Post Office area on Tuesday when Borno governor Babagana Zulum visited to inspect a completed service road officially.

The 300km road had been a nightmare for the commercial habitats of the central trading district that generates most of the city’s internally generated revenue. The road had been in a complete state of disrepair for more than a decade.

The chairman of Bank Of North spare parts traders Anthony Okonkwo said that more than ten years they have been writing to the government to come to their aids because movement was difficult especially during the rainy season.

He also said they thank Governor Zulum for hearing their cries by coming to construct the road.

When Governor Zulum’s convoy drove through this newly completed road the traders and technicians had to abandon their wares and throng the roadsides to hail him.

The governor told the crowd that the road was built to ease their movement and commercial activities.

He also said the non-native business community have become part of the city and must be integrated into every developmental program of the government.

The governor promised to provide soft loan to the traders whose financed have depleted due to the COVID-19. He also appreciated their resilience by not fleeing the state at the height of the Boko Haram insurgency.

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