Niger Council of Ministers Approves Mining Research Agreements

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By: Aisha SD Jamal , Maiduguri

The Council of Ministers of Niger approved the signing of two mining research agreements. These agreements relate to the granting of gold exploration licenses and other related substances to OM Goldstone Resources and Maharaz General Services Limited.

OM Goldstone Resources was granted permission to carry out excavations on the Sorbon Haoussa perimeter, in Gothèye, Tillabéri region. Maharaz general Services limited will carry out its mining activities on the Gabi site in Madarounfa in the Maradi region.

In return for these permits, the company OM Goldstone Resources undertakes to invest in the three years following the signature of the agreement with Niger, a minimum amount of 2 million dollars (1.167 billion CFA francs) will contribute to the local development of municipalities in which it will conduct its activities, by participating in the financing of collective infrastructures for an amount of $ 10,000 each year.

Maharaz General Services Limited, a company incorporated in Nigeria, will invest three years, 2.1 million dollars (1 226 billion CFA francs) and contribute to the local development of communes to the tune of 5 million FCFA per year.

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