NHRC Urges FG Agencies, State Govts, CSO’s To Promote And Protect Human Rights In Nigeria

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) as part of its International Human Rights Day says voting for its third edition of annual awards starts November 12.

The Executive Secretary of the commission, Tony Ojukwu, stated this at a news briefing.

Dandal Kura Radio International recalls that NHRC began this journey in December 2019 and since then through the participation of Nigerians they have recognised icons in their midst that play significant roles in the realization, promotion and enjoyment of human rights in Nigeria.

Noting that since 2019, state governments, civil society organizations as well as individuals have won the distinguished Human Rights Awards.

The commission, therefore, deems it very crucial to encourage federal government agencies, state governments and civil society organizations to continue to advance the promotion and protection of human rights in Nigeria

In order to have better and egalitarian society void of all forms of human rights violations and a people imbued with the culture of respect for democratic norms and social justice.

Ojukwu said the awards are in three categories: federal government agencies; state governments and the civil society organizations.

He said the indicators for the selection of deserving state governments are based on their outstanding performance in the improvement of education.

Also, improvement in health, housing, payment of workers’ salaries and prompt payment of gratuity and pension.

More so, in the protection of vulnerable groups, protection of the rights of women, girls and children, especially against sexual and gender based violence among others.

He also expressed appreciation to all the commission’s partners.

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