NEWMA And GERI Inaugurates Environmental Clubs In Some Primary Schools Within Maiduguri

By:Hadiza A Garba,Maiduguri

The Nigerian Ersosion Watershed Management Agency in collaboration with Global Environmental Responds Initiative (GERI) have inaugurated Environmental Clubs in some selected Primary schools within the Maiduguri metropolis on Thursday.

Hajja Fati Mustapha Social livelihood officer Nigerian Erosion and Watershed Management Project says their mission is to address a multi-dimensional menace of gully erosion in the region. Adding that soil erosion and degradation is not just an environmental issue, it is a public health problem endangering lives and property.

She said human obtain more than 99.7% percent of their food from the land and less than 0.3% from aquatic system.

She however stated that the effect of these natural occurrences coupled with harmful human activities continue to wreak havoc on lives and properties, with heavy devastating effect on health, livelihood and the economy.

The managing director, Geri Global Environmental Responds Initiative Ngare Dogo says they were at Ngaranam, Kushari and Polo primary schools to make sure that pupils are living and studying in a condusive environment.

Dogo explains that the initiative have selected Ngaranam and Polo Kushari primary schools for the groundbreaking ceremony and selected some student to be monitoring the school environment so that the schools will be always clean.

He distributed T-shirts, caps, dustbin, brooms and seedlings and also urged the students to be good ambassadors and keep their environment clean.

Speaking on behalf of the beneficiaries Aisha Ali Praised Geri Initiative for the timely supports.

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