New COVID-19 Variant ‘IHU’ Detected In France

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While the world is grappling with the highly infectious Omicron strain of Covid, scientists in France have identified a potentially worrying new variant, which has 46 mutations.

Named IHU, the new variant has so far infected 12 people living in southeastern France, according to

The first case was linked to a person with a travel history to Cameroon, western Africa, said researchers in a paper published on medRxiv.

However, experts were quick to announce that just because a new variant had been discovered, that did not necessarily mean IHU will prove as infectious as other strains, including Omicron.

In a long Twitter thread, epidemiologist and a fellow at Federation of American Scientists, Eric Feigl-Ding said the new variant was being monitored to evaluate how infectious or dangerous it could prove to be.

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