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Negative Impact Of Boko Haram Insurgency On The People Of Borno State

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By: Safiya Abdulrahman, Maiduguri
The social, economic and political consequences of Boko Haram insurgency on the residents of Borno state and their lives experience as a result of their exposure to violent acts of the insurgency.
Security is among the core areas of focus and internal and external development of States alters at country and international levels, policy makers are putting varying mechanisms in place to address issues of insecurity in order to create safe environment for all.
Borno state has not known true peace for more than two decades and as a result of the ongoing restiveness and insecurity. It has not been able to realize its full potential. In Borno and its neighboring states, these scenarios have played out in recent years with the uprising and escalation of the activities of Boko Haram in the northern region of the country.
Boko Haram (In Hausa Language) which means “Western education is sin” it’s an terrorist organization that sprang up from a religious community established by late Mohammed Yusuf in 2002 in Maiduguri, Borno state, northeast Nigeria .
The Boko Haram organizations ideology is influenced by orthodox Islamic doctrines that forbid western culture and its says of government. The ideological mission of overthrowing Nigeria’s western system of government and the imposition of Shari’a law in its place, its campaign formed violent in 2007, when the group began murdering religious and political rivals and subsequently started to aggressively attack security agents of the country, especially soldiers and police officers. In 2009, the sec chambered an insurrection, courted in Maiduguri, the Borno state capital city.
In suppressing the insurrection, the police and security forces extra judicially killed Mohammed Yusuf with more than 700 of his followers. After the insurrection, the group then went underground until 2011, when under the leadership of Abubakar Shakau. It marked a successful jailbreak and its first suicide bombings of police headquarters and United Nations building in Abuja. Boko Haram activities have included recurrent attacks, killing of persons, and wanton destruction of property, population displacements, and other forms of aggression. These terrorist activities were particularly severe between 2008 and to date 2021 the years during which Boko Haram operated with impunity in the northeast axis of the country, killing thousands of people and destroying properties leading them to be displaced.
The activities of the sec escalated when on April 14, 2014. They kidnapped 250 students in Government day secondary school Chibok in Borno state. The kidnapped students were popularly called the Chibok girls, and started the campaign of bring back our girls movements. In the operation of Boko Haram in various parts of the north shows that thousands of people were either murdered or kidnapped as a result of the group activities from July 27, 2009 to late 2021. About 254 schools were destroyed in Maiduguri and 120,071 students were forced out of school as a result of the insurgency as of the end of 2014. The result is increasing rapidly as a result of unrelating attacks by the terror group.
On the economic front, Borno state suffered the highest loss of U.S 5.9 billion dollars (#180 billion). Cost on agricultural growth. Boko Haram attack have been particularly intern in Borno state since 2011, which makes it loss all scintilla of peace and make it to become the most dangerous state of living in Nigeria. The insurgency destroyed schools, hospitals, bridges and other critical infrastructures, with the continual exposure of people living in Borno state to insurgency and the danger that comes with it. People of Borno state suffered greviously as a result of their exposure to Boko Haram violent attacks, and that they bear pains and agonies in their hearts because they have become destitute in their own land.
Exposure to Boko Haram melody has weaped off the victims sense of self worth and their social, political and economic achievements, lifestyle null and void. So also the existing mechanism and structures to help victims cop with their pains and losses are grossly inadequate. As many of Borno residents are internally displaced as the result of the insurgency. Corruption played a key role in the failure to provide adequate and appropriate mechanism and structures to give succor to victims of insurgency residents in Borno state
Safiya Abdulrahman is a three hundred level student of Department of Mass Communication, University of Maiduguri, Borno state ,northeast Nigeria. 08038953944. Mail: safiyaabdulrahman02@gmail.com.

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