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Most Filling Stations Within Maiduguri Metropolis Remains Shut

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By: Babagana Bukar Wakil Ngala, Maiduguri

Fuel queues have resurfaced in Maiduguri metropolis as consumers besieged few filling stations selling the product, while most filling stations in the state remained shut.

Dandal Kura Radio International Reporter who went round the metropolis on Tuesday, reports that some filling stations along Gamboru Ngala Road, Bama Road, Along Lagos street, Baga road were filled with consumers queuing to buy petrol.

The same trend was witnessed around Bye Pass Mala Kachalla Express Way, Road and Bulumkutu Kano road among others, while most filling stations within those high ways were shut.

Some of the motorists who spoke to Dandal Kura Radio said they just noticed the long queues and decided to top up.

A driver who simply identified himself as Adamu, said he had to buy fuel to be able to do his businesses, in case there was scarcity.

Another buyer, Malam Habib Muhammad, said he spent more than three hours on queue but still could not buy the product.

Muhammad said he switched to three filling stations because of the long queues but still could not buy the product.

Dandal Kura Radio also report that only filling stations that belonged to major marketers sold the products at regulated price of N165 per litre such as BOSCO, NNPC while others sold between N175 to N180 per litre among others.

Our reporter has also gathered that street sellers who sold the product in Jerry cans and gallons, made brisk businesses as a four-litre gallon sold between N1,000 to N1,200, depending on the bargain.

There had been no word from either the regulatory bodies or petroleum products dealers about any impending scarcity.

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