Moscow Registered Third Coronavirus Vaccine To Russia

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Moscow says it had registered its third vaccine against the coronavirus and promised to introduce the vaccination to the Russian population by March.

Russia was the first country to register a vaccine against Covid-19 in August.

But mortality data released recently revealed that Russia’s death rate was still one of the highest in the world.

President Vladimir Putin announced in October that the country had registered its second vaccine, EpiVacCorona, which health officials had said would enter mass production this month.

Mishustin said that Russia had produced 10 million doses of Sputnik and 80,000 batches of the EpiVacCorona vaccine developed by the Siberian Vektor laboratory.

CoviVac was produced by the state-run Chumakov Centre based in Moscow, which employed a different method of development from Sputnik and EpiVacCorona, using an inactive virus.

The vaccine is due to complete final stage clinical trial with 3,000 participants in March and has so far been recommended for people below the age of 60.

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