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More Flooding Coming In North-Central, South-Eastern States – NiMet

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The Nigeria Meteorological Agency (NiMet) has said that States in the North-Central and South-Eastern zones of Nigeria should brace up for more flooding.

The Director-general of NiMet, Professor Mansur Bako Matazu, stated this on the sideline of the ongoing Hydro-meteorological status and outlook system (HydroSOS) in Abuja.

Speaking on the current flood impact across the country, Matazu said, while flooding from recent rainfall may have reached its peak, flooding caused by the opening of dams and other water-holding facilities would still affect States in North-Central and South-East.

He said: the forecast in February followed up with the monthly updates that we’re going to have above-normal rainfall in most parts of the country.

He said the rainwater gets collected into the reservoirs and dams, and whenever they are filled, it gets filled.

He added that presently 13th of September, the lagoon dam was released, Other dams were also released, So what we are witnessing now is riverine flooding.

He further said that from the information they are getting, more floods are going to occur in some Areas, And now the rain is concentrating on the North Central and the Southern states.

He added that there will be a combination of short-duration, high-intensity rain, with riverine flooding.

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