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Mohamed Bazoum Wins Niger’s Presidential Elections

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Mohamed Bazoum, a candidate for the presidential election in Niger Republic has won the presidential run-off elections, according to provisional results by the National Independent Electoral Commission CENI.

He polled 55.75% of the votes against the opposition candidate Mahamane Ousmane who had 44.25%, the commission announced.

The results are provisional and must be submitted to the analysis of the Constitutional Court,” Issaka Souna President of CENI said before diplomatic corps and Nigerien authorities gathered at the Palais des Congrès in the capital, Niamey.

Voter turnout was pegged at 62.91%, according to the commission.

It said that Bazoum received 2,501,459 votes against 1,985,736 for Ousmane out of a total of 7.4 million voters. In the first round of polls, Bazoum received 39.3% of votes, while Ousmane managed almost 17%.

Earlier, the opposition denounced an electoral “hold-up”, demanding the immediate suspension of the publication of results.

He I ask all Nigeriens to mobilize as one to defeat this electoral hold-up Falké Bacharou, Campaign manager for Mahamane Ousmane said.

Opposition supporters took to the streets in Niamey to protest near the headquarters of the ruling party where Mohamed Bazoum is due to speak.

The demonstrators gathered and were chased by police officers and fired tear gas at them.

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