MNJTF Destroys Boko Haram Leader, Amir Bakoura Camp In Lake Chad Region

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After deploying ‘unrepentant’ fighters of his sect to join bandits in a forest in Kaduna State, the two major camps of Boko Haram Leader, Amir Bakoura Buduma, have been destroyed.

The camps, Kusulu and Toumboun Adashe, are located in the South West of Lake Chad.

They were destroyed by offensive bombardments carried out by fighter jets of the Multi-National Joint Task Force (MNJTF) air troops.

Dozens of the Boko Haram fighters, military sources, confirmed were killed, while those who survived sustained injuries.

The MNJTF aerial raid was aided by the collaboration of French forces.

The reliable source had reported that as the self-styled leader of the ‘unrepentant’ Boko Haram, Bakoura Buduma had appointed a deputy for himself.

A source told Dandal Kura Radio that the terrorists now rustle cattle and kidnap people to their den at a forest close to Rigachikun in Kaduna State.

The Boko Haram faction has been having a running battle with ISWAP in the North-East and Lake Chad region.

Apart from the massive surrendering of their members to Nigerian Troops, several other Boko Haram terrorists, under Mallam Hussain Izharouddeen, are also surrendering to Cameroonian military at Moroa province.

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