MNJTF Commander In Ndjamena Welcomes New Deputy Brigadier General Assoualai Blama

By: Babagana Bukar Wakil, Maiduguri

The Commander Multinational Joint Task Force with Head quarters in Ndjamena, Republic of Chad Major General Abdul Khalifa has welcomed the newly appointed deputy commander of the Force Brigadier General Assoualai Blama.
This was part of the release signed by Deputy MPIO Captain Benn Raphaël in N’Djamena, Republic of Chad.

While welcoming the new DFC to the MNJTF family, General Abdul Khalifa reminded the new deputy force Commander that it was a great honour and privilege to be appointed the Deputy Commander (DFC) of the MNJTF. Adding that he came highly qualified having had previous experience commanding a formation in the general area.

General Abdul Khalifa informed him that two major Operations were carried out recently that were quite successful which led to the decimation of the terrorists within the Lake Chad Basin and in part led to the mass surrenders within the Lake Chad Basin.

He reminded the new Deputy Force Commander that working in a multinational environment like the MNJTF required patience, discipline, tact and the spirit of cooperation, adding that the founding fathers of the MNJTF saw the need for the various countries to come together to tackle the issue of terrorism and criminality working in synergy in the Lake Chad Basin.

A major highlight was the decoration of the new deputy commander with the MNJTF badge signifying his assumption of office as deputy helmsman of the MNJTF.

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