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MNJTF Appeals For More Military Hardware For Peace Keeping Operation And Development

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By:Babagana Bukar Wakil Ngala Yawundé, Cameroon

The Commander Multi National Joint Task Force Major General IBDUL Khalifa charges the international community to fulfill their promises which they had made to support MNJTF’s operations with military some years back.

The Commander made this known publicly in his paper presentation at the stage of the 3rd International Conference of Chad Basing Governors Forum in Yawundé, Cameroon supported by United Nations Development Programs and Europeans Union and others.

He said the Multi National Joint Task Force is facing a lot of challenges on the corse of discharging its responsibilities to secured the region under t the conduct of international Community.

Narating the challenges facing MNJTF General Khalifa says Inadequacies of Armoured Vehicles and Counter-IED Equipments, Surveillance and Communications equipments. Adding that Inadequacies of Amphibious Capability, Lack of Dedicated Strike Alrcrafts are among the most pressing challenges facing MNJTF.

The Commander further advocated greater Synergy between the Troops Contributing countries.

He further reminded the international community specially European Union which had agreed to improve the troops’ operational activities in the previous their regional engagement.

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