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Mercy Corps Empowers Over 600,000 Nigerians, Targeting another 3000 Most Vulnerable in Borno

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By: Babagana Bukar Wakil, Maiduguri
Mercy Corps has supported over 600,000 Nigerians and set to empower another 3000 participants with poultry farms in Borno state.

The Country Director Ndubisi Anyanwu made this known in an interactive session with Dandal Kura Correspondent at the Dujima International Hotels the venue of the Workshop in Maiduguri, the Borno state capital.

The Director ,said that the organisation is working in over 40 countries and Nigeria is one of their splashy program rendering humanitarian assistance in many parts of the country since 2012 focusing on the issues of conflict and help people rebuild their life in the midst of the conflict.

The country director said he is in Maiduguri to assist the team to kick start the Poultry Development for Resettlement PDR program targeting over three thousands (3000) beneficiaries at various parts of Borno state.
According to him they’re working very closely with private sector farms to ensure that all livelihood support programmes initiated by the Mercy Corp are sustainable for the communities of returnees, IDPs and the host community.
Mr. Ndubisi Anyanwu also explained that Mercy Corp is working on the wide range of areas such as financial inclusion, Girl child education, promote dialogues in conflict affected areas, mediation, provide livelihood support to archive sustainable peace and development.
He also revealed that over six hundred thousand (600,000) participants have directly benefited from the various Mercy Corps supported programmes. Adding that it is not just about support or the impact but the sustainability beyond the intervention is what most matters.
He commended that state government for providing enabling environment for mercy corps to carry out the important live torching projects for the masses.
On his part Mercy Corp Maiduguri Team Lead Mr. Raiz Khan said the workshop was basically organised to share experience with the stake holders for the development of poultry farming for Sustainable Resettlement in northeast Nigeria.
He also confirmed that they have organised over 700 mother units which is intermediary and they’re over 2,600 participants who are the direct beneficiaries of the project, he however, reiterated that over two thousand (2000) vulnerable people comprises of IDPs, returnees in the resettling communities at all the local government areas across the state will be indirectly benefited with initiatives.
He said Mercy Corps is working with the private sector to increase the poultry business, enlarge supply chain to increase livelihood support, and revitalise the poultry market system in Borno state which has been affected by the conflict as it is known to everyone.
He stressed that the workshop is meant for market system development assuring that they have been in partnership with AMO Byng Poultry Farm which the Mercy Corp endeavours to connect with the small vulnerable farmers to continuously work and improve their livelihood in Borno state.
He however expatiated that they’re working to ensure that the connection in the market and improves the supply chain of the poultry which is supported by Mercy Corp that will give them an opportunity to increase their livelihood produce eggs and meat production.
The Raiz Kahn Said that Amo Farm will provide all the necessary technical assistance such as doctors, technicians to train the mother unit on how to rear, vaccinate among other pivotal requirement so that vulnerable small farmers will be directly get births from the mother units and rise it from their house.
Speaking to Dandal Kura Radio Bunu Mungono, who represented Borno state the government commended Mercy Corps for its support to the people of Borno particularly.He said, the PDR is a program that would help the people to engage in poultry farming and cushion their difficulties and make them to be self-reliant.
Rukayya Buba a participants commended Mercy Corps for the organising the training, and all the important connection being put in place to improvise their life on how to raise Noiler Chickens. Another participant Modu Babagana Gutti said he has benefited from the workshop and all the plans being put in place to support them by Mercy Corps.
Mrs Kauna the facilitator stated that the program was purposely organised to empower poultry farmers. She emphasised that with a little amount of capital one can invest very huge and potential poultry farm.

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