Many Injured During University Of Maiduguri Protest Over Increase Of Tuition Fee

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By: Ali Muhammad Zanna, Maiduguri

Many female students of University of Maiduguri has been injured following a protest over increase of tuition fee in the institution.

The students were said to have embarked on a peaceful protest on Monday over the increase of tuition fees by the management of the institution.

According to eyewitnesses, many female students had joined their colleagues in the protest, when security operatives stormed the scene apparently to disperse the protesters with minimum force while arresting many.

Female students confirm to Metro Times that the institution increased the tuition fee while we are suffering from bad electricity and poor availability of water in the institution, she said.

Another victim said, “I was totally sexually harassed by security men while the protest was going on, I was also locked in the school prison over fighting for our right.”

Am highly disappointed in University of Maiduguri management board, what wrong have we committed by protesting for the decrease of tuition fee and requesting for improvement for light and water.

Another eyewitness confirmed to Metro Times that most female students were sexually harassed by the Institution security men, while the protest was going on the security men stripped some female students naked in the public.

The school management according to report, have revoked the female protesters bed space in the institution over the peaceful protest.

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