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Kogi Vigilantes Eliminate 11 Armed Bandits, Nab Security Operative

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A group of armed bandits terrorizing some parts of Koton Karfe Local Government Area of Kogi State have met their waterloo as officers of the State’s Vigilante Group killed 11 of them, arrested others while 3 kidnapped victims were rescued successfully.

The information received revealed that Security operatives acting on intelligence nabbed an alleged with operative of one of the security agencies who alongside a friend supplies the criminals with weapons and information to undertake their heinous crimes.

The successful operation by the security operatives was done in series and with a detailed account the Kogi State Vigilante operatives narrated that ”Alaidi is their ring leader, he was killed during the first camp attack.

Rabo and seven others were crushed. Madei and one other were killed in the second kidnappers camp while Umar escaped with gunshot injury but was recaptured”.

They also confirmed that five of the kidnappers arrested including the civil defense operative were in the custody of the Department of State Security for further investigations.

Reacting to the incidence the Chief Press Secretary to the Governor, Mr. Muhammed Onogwu noted that such security success by the operatives was a welcome development and a proof that the security architecture of Kogi State was strong and solid enough to quash all forms of criminal vices.

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