About Dandal Kura Radio International SW And FM

Dandal Kura Radio InternationalDandal Kura is a fully indigenous shortwave Radio based in Maiduguri, Borno State, which is monitored throughout Nigeria but essentially serving the Lake Chad Basin Region. We have correspondents in all the states in the Northeast Zone and Abuja. Dandal Kura is purposely set up to counter violent extremism by developing and broadcasting diligently produced programs that roll back the narratives of Boko Haram insurgents, setting forth positive narratives and helping the communities in the northeastern Nigeria to climb out of the terrible situations occasioned by the insurgency.

Dandal Kura is broadcasting its contents in Hausa and Kanuri.  Our shortwave transmission reaches all the nooks and crannies of the rural areas where you target most of your messages. We broadcast daily from 8:00 am to 9:00 am on 9770 KHz. In the evening, we are on air from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm on 13590 KHz. Our signals are monitored throughout Nigeria and the Lake Chad Basin Region. In addition to our shortwave transmission which we have been operating since 2015, we have commenced full transmission of Dandal Kura radio 98.9 FM in the ancient and historic city of Maiduguri. Feedbacks from our listeners indicate that our signals cover a radius of about 100KM; we are also the only independent radio station in Maiduguri.

Dandal Kura is also streaming its content live on www.dandalkura.com on 24-hour basis. This gives our collaborators the opportunity to monitor their messages on both SW and FM platforms via the internet from the comfort of their offices without having recourse to media monitors.

We have a team of qualified, highly skilled and very experienced professionals that have actually been deeply and severally involved in radio content development for many years. We have variously partnered with various Ministries, Department and Agencies of the federal government, embassies, NGOs, INGOs, e.t.c. in the areas of public enlightenment on the functions and processes of the respective ministry as well as vital key messages.

Dandal Kura Radio is a platform where Nigerians from different walks of life are provided with a level playing field where they can freely exchange views and ideas regardless of personal persuasions with the sole aim of promoting peace and peaceful coexistence.


To be the foremost media platform disseminating information on radio and new media platforms by telling the story of the Lake Chad basin region to the larger world in a manner that promotes peace and prosperity.


Contributing to the sustainable development of the Lake Chad basin region by providing veritable news platforms that promote peace, peaceful co-existence and prosperity of our people through the projection of the rich culture, aspiration, concerns and achievements of the people of this region in a modern and professional manner.


At Dandal Kura, we believe in peace building through ethical journalism. We have strong empathy for the weak and the vulnerable in the society which accounts for our strong contents on peace building, girl child issues, gender-based violence, advocacy on free speech, press freedom as well as good governance and free enterprise.


  1. PLEASE FORGET MY PREVIOUS EMAIL WITH AN ERROR: date is JULY, of course, this is the RIGHT report. Reception report to Dandal Kuraa – from Davide Tambuchi / Viale Varese 71A / 22100 Como ITALY. Dear friends, this morning JULY 6, 2020 from 0700UTC on 13590kHz I’m listening you with excellent signal in the North of Italy. Language is similar to arab (kanuri) – 0900 YL read news, then music and talk between YL and OM, at 0710 she talk about Covid, at 0716 OM talk with short music break (african modern music), 0918 trumpet interval signal, OM talk. If this report is correct, I’ll happy to receive a QSL card or an email confirming it. I’m listening with an old Kenwood R-1000 and an MLA-30+ magnetic active loop antenna. All the best from Como. Davide – ham radio call IW2NZR

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