Israeli Security Cabinet Approves Ceasefire In Gaza

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The Israeli Security Council has agreed to ceasefire which was brokered by Egypt.

According to news monitored by DANDALKURA Radio International in Maiduguri, the ceasefire to Israel-Palestine will take effect by 2am on Friday.

The Israeli Security forces agreed to ceasefire after eleven day airstrikes by has destroyed over 450 buildings in Gaza.

The air raid in Gaza has also left infrastructure collapsed with human casualties that indicated that about 233 persons were dead.

Of the dead persons, 60 of them were children with thousands wounded while receiving treatment in hospitals.

Israel said the ceasefire, which was proposed by Egypt will be ‘mutual and unconditional.
Also, Hamas militants have confirmed ceasefire, saying they would abide by it.

Meanwhile, Israeli Security have announced plans to bomb some targeted buildings before the 2am ceasefire in Gaza local time, while they advised those living in the affected building to vacate.

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