IOM says Refugees are at heightened risk to Coronavirus

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The International Organisation for Migration says many refugees, those forcibly displaced, the stateless and migrants are currently at heightened risk.

It says three-quarters of the world’s refugees and many migrants are hosted in developing regions where health systems are already overwhelmed and under-capacitated.

The United Nations agency said in a statement on Tuesday many live in overcrowded camps, settlements, makeshift shelters or reception centers, where they lack adequate access to health services, clean water and sanitation.

Thesituation for refugees and migrants held in formal and informal places of detention, in cramped and unsanitary conditions, is particularly worrisome.

The statement read that considering the lethal consequences a COVID-19 outbreak would have, Migrant children and their families and those detained without sufficient legal basis should be immediately released.

ThereforeIOMurged government to protect the rights and the health of everyone adding that protecting the rights and the health of all people will in fact help control the spread of coronavirus.

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