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Head Of Biometric In Borno State Must Go – NLC/TUC

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Borno State organised labour NLC and TUC led by Comrade Bulama Abiso and Comrade Babayo Hamman at its press conference at the labour house condemns in strong terms the attitude of Bako Adamu regarding Biometric exercise in the State that spanned for almost six years which claimed to have recovered five hundred million naira from the payroll monthly.

The labour maintained that there have been a lot of atrocities and irregularities committed by the head of the programme which caused serious and untold hardship to the workers that cannot be allowed to continue the chairman said.

They also said that there are a lot of workers that have not been captured, there are those that captured but not paid including that of the pensioners.

They added that there are workers whose legitimate allowances have been removed almost every month and there are several ommission after the payment of salaries among several other issues.

The labour calls on His the Executive Governor of Borno State to remove him from office so as to pave way to the achievement of His Excellency’s developmental strides towards productive workforce and the overall improvement in the workers welfare in the State.

The organized labour commended the efforts of His Excellency towards the resettlement of the IDPs to their ancestral homes.

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