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Governor Zulum Urges Return Of IDP’s To Their Communities

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Governor Babagana Zulum of BornoState has urged the National Assembly and North East Development Commission to return and empower Internally Displaced Persons and refugees into their communities.

According to hi, the over one million IDP, are always clamouring to return to their ancestral homes.

Over a decade long insurgency has claimed 32,000 lives with property worth $9.2 billion (N3.42 trillion) in Borno, Adamawa and Yobe states.

Zulum made the call while receiving 18-member House Committee on the North East Development Commission on an oversight function at Government House, Maiduguri.

He said the nexus among peace, security and development, implies that if there is no peace and security, development could not take place including the return of IDPs.

He also said that there are large number of IDPs in camps and host communities in the state and it is no longer sustainable for them to depend on handouts.

He added that the return of IDPs will enable them engage in various agricultural and livelihood activities.

According to him already there are increasing rates of prostitution, drug abuse, gangsters and procreation in camps and the only solution is to ensure safe return of IDPs in a dignified manner to their communities and if nothing is being done ther will be serious challenge.

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