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Government Rejects 21-Day Ultimatum Issued By Nigeria Medical Association

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The Ministry of Labour and Employment has rejected the 21-day ultimatum given to the Federal Government by the Nigeria Medical Association.

The government said it is in direct collision with the Memorandum of Understanding signed on August 21.

Dandal Kura Radio International reports that the NMA had threatened to join the ongoing strike by the Nigerian Association of Resident Doctors if the government failed to resolve all the issues contained in the various agreements signed with its affiliate unions.

The association gave the ultimatum after its National Executive Council (NEC) meeting, in Benin on Saturday.

But reacting on Sunday evening, to the threat in a statement titled, ‘Labour Ministry to NMA: Your 21-Day Ultimatum in Collision With Our MoU,’ the government argued that the NMA’s position was at variance with the timeline stated in the Memorandum of Agreement.

A statement by the spokesman of the ministry, Charles Akpan, said the FG “is religiously implementing its own side of the agreement, with effective monitoring by the office of the Minister of Labour and Employment,” adding that the NMA was yet to “move a needle” on the roles assigned to it in the agreement.

It said, “First is that the Nigeria Medical Association communique in Benin which issued a 21-day ultimatum is at variance with the timeline in article II, Vii, Vii and X of the MOA.

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