GBV: Borno, NERI Launches Campaign Against Rape, Gender Based Violence

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…….Lawyer attributes rise in rape incidences to poor enforcement of laws

Babagana Bukar Wakil Ngala, Maiduguri

Borno State Commissioner of Women Affairs and Social Development (MWASD), Hajiya Zuwaira Gambo has in strong terms asserted that women in Borno State have declared war on men that engage in rape and other gender bases violence in the society.

Expressing that that womenfolk have decided to draw a line of war between rapists and men that are found of committing gender bGBV 2

Leading a Mass Women Match on “2020 Rising Awareness on Gender Based Violence: Stop”, organised by Borno State Ministry if Women Affairs and Social Development in collaboration with the Women in Peace and Security and supported by North East Regional Initiative (NERI) at the Musa Usman State Secretariat Complex Monday from the State Ministry of Women Affairs premises to and from First Gate of this Stat Secretariat behind the State Ministry of Information, the commissioner reiterated that on no account should women henceforth allow men to scout free against rape and GBV.





GBVased violence (GDV) as cases of rape and GBV are becoming alarming and unbearable in the state.

She called in women to wake up from their sleep and stand firm to say big NI to rape and GBV against women and girls in the society, stressing that, “the era of men going free in the streets after committing crime and violence against women is over.”

“We can no longer accept it. We reject it in totality. We kick against it. We will continue to fight against it. No more victimization if women and girls.

“Rape has become a phenomenon. Rape affects every man because every man has a wife, a mother, a sister and a daughter. Therefore, this is a fight against rape and domestic gender based violence.

“In the past, little girls even between 4-6 years old are being raped. Borno say NO to Rape. We must speak out as mothers, friends and people of Borno in the society. Everybody should contribute to the 2020 rise against rape and GBV and atop it.

“We are also looking forward to appeal to the traditional leaders, community leaders, security agencies and top government functionaries, market women, school girls, housewives to join us say NO to Rape and GBV. No more silent to Rape and GBV” Zuwaira said.

The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Women Affairs Borno state, Dr. Hauwa uwa Mai Musa commended the organizers and collaborators for organizing such a programme , noting that, the program will sensitize the Borno state government, Borno state Housing of Assembly (BOSHA to enact a law against GBV in the society to deal with the rapists and GBV violators.

According to her, the Ministry has been working tirelessly day and night on the programme across the state.

Programme Manager, NERI Miss Rukayya Jibrin said women were out for a mass match as a campaign to create awareness against rape and gender based violence in rh society to enable women abs girls speak out against rapists and gender violators.

An NLC Activist Mrs Lucy Yunana also of the Women for Peace and Security said they will do everything possible to bring to book the perpetrators if rape and GBV in the society as they are working hand in hand with the police to ensure justice, fairness, and equity prevail.

While the Director Women Affairs , Ministry if Women Affairs, Hajiya Zara Bukar said women will not repent in their to stop rape and other gender based violence that men perpetrate in the society as mothers, calling on to ruse up to the challenges and address them squarely to protect t girl child education and child abuse or labour.

Highlights of the campaign were mass women match, musicals, dance and distribution of posters and stickers as campaign materials against rape and GBV.

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