Four African Presidents To Visit Mali For Mediation Talks

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Malis political opposition says it will halt protests in a truce ahead of the upcoming Eid festival as four West African presidents prepare to travel to the country on Thursday for mediation talks to try and end the crisis in the country.

President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita has been locked in a standoff for weeks with the opposition June 5 Movement, and the conflict spiralled into violent clashes earlier this month, leaving nearly a dozen people dead.

Opposition figures have been tapping into a wellspring of anger over the presidents perceived failures in tackling the poor economy, corruption and an eight-year jihadist war.

The leaders of Ivory Coast, Ghana, Senegal and Niger will fly to the capital Bamako for talks on Thursday regarding the impasse, according to a Malian presidency official.

Nouhoun Sarr, one of the protest movement leaders, told AFP on Monday night that the opposition had decided to observe a truce on the subject of civil disobedience. This is to allow Malians to properly prepare for and celebrate Eid.

But the opposition did not soften its demands and issued a statement on Monday evening restating its call for the resignation of Keita and his regime.

HumAngle gathered that Thursdays talks is a follow-up on the heels of a mediation mission from the West Africa bloc ECOWAS, which ended on Sunday without achieving its mandate of brokering peace between the president and the opposition.

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