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Foundation Concludes Translation Of Nigeria’s Constitution Into 3 Languages

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Prince Ade Ajayi Foundation (PAAF) Centre for Constitutional Literacy and Civic Education, says it has concluded translations of Nigeria’s 1999 Constitution in Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo languages.

He said arrangements had been concluded to launch the translated copies.

Ajayi, President of PAAF, said at a news conference in Lagos on Friday, that translation of the constitution into three indigenous languages, took six years to be completed.

He said the six-year-long translations were aimed at promoting national orientation, unity and integration and would be formally launched on November 25.

He said a book titled: ‘I Love Nigeria, My Country’, would also be launched by the foundation to bring back the spirit of patriotism among Nigerians, to accelerate national cohesion, growth and development.

He also said “Of 4,000 Nigerians randomly sampled in urban areas, over 80 per cent had never seen or read in whole or part, a soft or hard copy of the 1999 constitution.

According to him, the foundation is poised on nation-building through inculcating new mindset in the youths, to pull down the strongholds of ethnic sentiments.

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