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Federal Ministry Of Environment Donates 1,050 To Schools In FCT

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The Federal Ministry of Environment in collaboration with Global Initiative for Food Security and Ecosystem Preservation and Global Environmental Facilities has donated 1,050 trees to schools in FCT.

Michael Adelusi, who represented the ministry to commemorate the 2021 World Earth Day in Abuja, said the donation was to educate the students on the importance of tree planting.

The World Earth Day is celebrated on every 22nd of April, and this years commemoration marks 50 years of the modern environmental movement.

The movement, which started in 1970, gave a voice to an emerging public consciousness about the state of the planet.

Adelusi said planting of trees was one of the very important areas the ministry was committed to by ensuring that trees were planted not only at schools but everywhere.

According to him, the ministry is supporting the programme by donating 50 trees, while the Global Initiative for Food Security and Ecosystem Preservation is providing 1,000 trees, making it 1,050 trees distributed to about 33 schools in the FCT.

The Executive Director David Terungwa, said that the organisation in collaboration with GEF chose to celebrate the World Earth Day with various schools in the FCT through distributing and planting of trees in the schools.

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