Electricity Companies Allegedly Increases Tariff By 18%

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Electricity distribution companies (DisCos) in Nigeria have quietly increased tariffs by as much as 18.5 %.

The new tariff was effected from December 1, 2022, leaving customers confused.

Two DisCos in Lagos, Eko Electricity Distribution Company and Ikeja Electric, have sent out the new electricity bills to post-paid consumers.

MRA said NERC had revised the Multi-Year Tariff Order, adding that the bilateral tariff of N61.75 chargeable for Ikeja Electric’s bilateral power agreements has been reviewed upwards to N72.40 effective from December 15, 2022 in line with the regulator’s directive.

NERC is yet to release an official statement on the tariff rate hike but for a consumer who pays N57.65 per kilowatt hours, the new rate effective December 1, 2022 was put at N68.30 for residential 3-phase MD (R4) service band A customers.

A Twitter user, Oyibo Ediri also accused the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company of quietly increasing the tariff in December, alleging that the firm raised the rate for non-maximum demand customers by N12.65.

Also, reacting to the response of AEDC, Ediri asked the power firm to provide the current rates approved by the NERC.

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