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Court Sentences Four Members Of Civilian JTF To 2 Years Imprisonment Without Fine In Maiduguri

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Justice Wakil Alkali Gana of high court No. 11 Maiduguri has sentenced Alhaji Bura wakil, Hassan Jidda, Ibrahim Abatcha and Zakariya Kachalla all members of civilian JTF based in jakana for an offence of screening an offender from punishment contrary to section 167 of the penal code.

Wakil recalled that on 21st 12 2019 at about 2:00 hours three unknown men armed with gun, matchet and sticks attacked one Kolomi Mohammed of Magumeri Local government.

The armed robbers forced kolomi to lie down which he obliged, matcheted him and carted away his 40 cows and 41 sheep.

They equally shot him on account of which his two injured legs amputed at general hospital Maiduguri.

The villagers tracked the footsteps of the robbers and saw one of the robbers with animals.

He was pursued and arrested and the animals were equally recovered.

The Bulama (ward head) is one Bulama Konto Abdullahi. His lordship stated that their excuse is akin to tales by moonlight.

He urged the government to monitor the activities of some of these civilian JTF.
His lord ship however accepted their plea of leniency and sentence them for two years without fine.

The case is handled by H.Yahaya and B.Lawan senior state counsels for the state while Mr. Makinta of Audu Musa chambers stood for their defense. Five witnesses testified and further their extra judicial statements were tendered in evidence.

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