Conflict Displaced 5,000 Persons In Congo – UNOCHA

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Clashes between the Democratic Republic of Congo national army and militia groups within the month of December have resulted in the displacement of 5,000 persons from the villages of Mahanga and Kasopo.

According to a report of the United Nations Office of Humanitarian Affairs, (UNOCHA), the displaced persons moved to the villages of Buginanyana, Kaina and Luhando and others towards the health zone of Kibua in the Walikale territory.

According to the UNOCHA, 85 houses were looted and several women were sexually violated by armed individuals.

The situation has provoked the movement and displacement of people in Nyabiondo who fled into bushes and remain in the forests as of the time this report is being filed.

The clashes have since extended to Myandja, northwest of Masisi on the Loashi-Lushebere highway also forcing civilian populations in the zone to abandon their houses and flee to the forests, according to the UNOCHA.

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