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Chinomso Urges Maiduguri Music Industry To Respect And Value Artists

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By Pius Ahueze, Maiduguri

The member of The Infinite Music Group Victor Chinomso Christopher also known as yung vikthor addressed Maiduguri music industry to respect and value the fellow artist.

He acknowledged this in his latest track titled “Eno concern me” that was released on Sunday 22nd November 2020.

Yungvikthor made it clear in an interactive session with Dandal Kura Radio reporter Pius Ahueze in Maiduguri today.

He revealed that the whole inspiration came from what all artists are going through in Maiduguri, adding that the artist are being underrated and disrespected.

He said the recent issue he encountered was when he got a call from his fellow artist who asked for a feature, youngvikthor gave him some conditions which are, the studio session and little token of appreciation will be paid before he will accept the request, suddenly his fellow artist told him that he has pride and his feeling his self when he has not gone any where.

He also said luckily for him he was at the studio when it all happened so he used the opportunity to address the issue with a track titled “ENO CONCERN ME” which was produced by yahaya Joel who is also known as DY.

He further said that his biggest project at hand is his upcoming Album Titled “IGBO BOY FROM THE NORTH” which is about to drop this year.

In addition he said his adverse to his fellow artist is that they should put more hard work pray and being consistent.

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