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Chief Imam Mairi Central Mosque Calls On Muslims To Stay Away From Evil Acts

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By: Mustapha Muhammed Malumbe, Maiduguri

Muslims have again been called upon to stay away from evil acts and be mindful of their obligations.

This call was made by the Chief Imam of the Sheikh Abba Aji Mosque of Mairi Central Sheikh Ibrahim Mustapha Maliq during his yesterdays sermon.

He said that according to a prophetic Hadith the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said a true believer is one who abstain from what Islam forbids and takes his obligations more seriously.

The Imam also charged the congregation to always engage in righteous deeds and choose what is lawful in Islam.

He said indeed it is the will of Almighty Allah to create mankind among the believers and the nonbelievers and therefore those who appeared to be among the believers should be grateful to Allah and continue to observe good deeds as they obtain blessings from Allah.

Sheikh Mustapha said those who prefer worldly materials and engage in wrong acts would be punished in the hereafter for their wrong acts.
And similarly those who do good and prefer to be rewarded in the hereafter would surely be rewarded with amazing rewards.

The Imam quoted several Hadith’s and verses from Holy Qur’an to buttress his points
He further offered a special prayer for the nation and urged all to continue to do so.

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