Chad, CAR Agreed To Set Up Investigation Commission Over Attack In Sourou Village

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Chad and Central African Republic have agreed to set up an independent international commission to investigate the circumstances that led to the attack on the Chadian village of Sourou last Sunday,, allegedly by Russian mercenaries resulting in the death of six Chadian soldiers.

The decision was reached after the arrival of a Central African Republic delegation in the Chadian capital N’Djamena to calm the tension arising from the Sunday attack.

The decision is contained in a communique jointly signed by the Chadian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mahamat Zene Cherif, and his Central African Republic counterpart, Madam Sylvie Baipo Temon.

The two countries insisted on their secular friendly and fraternal links, reinforced by their geographic proximity, history, and culture. They have thus agreed to enforce the commission’s report and to work on a new basis for the reinforcement of the security on their common border.

It has been reported that on Sunday, May 30, 2021, there was a clash between Chad and Central African Republic troops at their shared border.

It is alleged that soldiers of the Central African Republic national army, FACA, in pursuit of rebels occupying parts of the country, entered Chadian territory notably in the Monts de Lam division of Logone Oriental province. Six Chadians were killed, with five others wounded and currently being treated in the Mbere hospital.

This incident has led to fears of a possible escalation of violence or even war between the two neighbouring countries.

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