CAR Rebels Rejects Accusation By Government

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The Central African Republic (CAR) rebel movement, Coalition of Patriots for Change (CPC) has rejected accusations by the CAR government that its soldiers entered Chadian territory on Sunday, May 30, 2021 in pursuit of CPC rebels.

In a statement issued in Paris, France, the CPC said none of its fighters was involved in any clash around the border with Chad on May 30, 2021.

The CPC statement said recent accusations and threats by the Russian ambassador to the Central African Republic and military Russian adviser against the government of Chad were already preparing public opinion for the said attack.

The rebel group said with the kind of irresponsible and disastrous diplomacy being practiced by his government, President Touadera has become a danger for the other states in the sub-region which risks being plunged into war if he is not stopped on time.

Following the May 30, 2021 incident between the Chadian and Central African Republic military in the Chadian town of Sourou which resulted in the death of six Chadian soldiers, the Central African Republic issued a statement saying its soldiers crossed into Chadian territory in pursuit of CPC rebels.

The statement went on to say that the CPC “salutes the mediation by the sub regional authorities for their active diplomacy with a view to easing the trans-border crisis and the putting in place of an international independent and impartial investigation.”

The CPC finally “respectfully calls on the international mediator in the Central African Republic crisis, His Excellency Denis Sassou Nguesso to re-appropriate the Central African Republic crisis dossier” and “reiterates its appeal to the Central African Republic government to summons an inclusive dialogue in order to re-establish peace, national reconciliation and veritable development in the Central African Republic.”

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