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Cameroon’s Separatist Leader Admits Atrocities By Members

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One of Cameroon’s separatist leaders has for the first time openly admitted that his fighters have been committing atrocities against the Anglophone populations.

In a video posted on social media on Tuesday Lucas Ayaba Cho who is based in Norway castigated his fighters for having turned their war for freedom into a war of shame.

The separatist leader who is now a Norwegian citizen said he was ashamed seeing one of his fighters dying because of thuggery and stealing.

In what came as a moment of truth Cho in the video decried that separatist fighters have turned themselves into petit criminals.

Various international human rights organisations have blamed separatists for kidnappings, torture, maiming and killing of the civilian populations.

They also fault the separatists for forcing children to stay away from school, burning schools and killing teachers.

Cardinal Christian Tumi, the respected cleric recently said that the separatists have destroyed the economy of the English-speaking regions by attacking and maiming plantation workers who go to work to earn a living.

Cardinal Tumi said because of these atrocities by separatist fighters, a large majority of the English-speaking populations in the Northwest and Southwest Regions are against the separatists.

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