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Buhari Media Organisation Dismisses Claim By North East Elders Over Insecurity

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The Buhari Media Organisation has dismissed claims by the Coalition of North East Elders for Peace and Development that there is a worsening security situation in the region and other parts of the country.

In a statement signed by its Chairman Niyi Akinsiju and Secretary Cassidy Madueke, BMO said that it is amusing that a group from the North East could make claims that are not supported by facts.

They said they are amused to see an assertion by a hitherto unknown group headed by one Zanna Goni and which some media outfits tagged as North East elders.

They also said that where was Zanna and his like when Boko Haram insurgents were having a field day in the North East which they claim to be representing, to the extent that they had full control of several local governments across three states, in addition to having a caliphate where they had their headquarters.

They added that now the terrorists have lost territories they once held as well as their operational base in Sambisa Forest and had been pushed to the fringes of Lake Chad but claiming that the country is not winning the war against insurgency.

They further said that how can a group that is truly on the ground in the North East claim that the military has run out of ideas on the war when insurgents that used to stage audacious bomb and gun attacks have now been reduced to staging hit-and-run attacks.

BMO urged all Nigerians to continue to trust in the ability of the Buhari administration to make the country more secure and safer for all.

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