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Borno Celebrates International Women Day

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8th of March every year marked by the united nations as international woman day.

The day has been marked to celebrate women’s achievement and to lobby for accelerated gender parity. The event has took place at multiple purpose hall government house maiduguri borno state.

The campaign for International women’s day worldwide theme is “choose to challenge” which means a challenge world is an alert and from challenge come’s changes.

The Borno state women celebrated the event with purple as it signifies justice and dignity, which the commissioner of women affairs zuwaira sees a number missions to help forge gender equal world by celebrating women’s achievements and increasing visibility while calling out inequality.

Zuwaira encouraged the women to seek for knowledge as knowledge is a key factor to a successful life.

She thanked the wife of the governor of the state Dr. Falmata babagana Umara Zulum for supporting women and encouraging them by empowerment and also increasing visibility of women’s creativity in the state.

The wife of Borno state governor Dr. Falmata babagana Umara Zulum who was supported by the wife of the deputy governor Haj. Maimuna umar Usman kaddafur congratulated all the women of borno state for witnessing the 2021 women’s day.

She, the founder of multi aid charity initiative was happy to celebrate with the women of the state and raise awareness about women’s equality and also fundraise for female focused charities.

Dr. Falmata babagana Umara Zulum distributed 100 pot, cooler and bags of rice to food sellers, 100 sewing machines to tailors and also 100 hair dryers and washing hand basins to hairdressers across the state as a means of empowerment to 300 vulnerable women from different local government areas of the state.

Commissioner of women affairs, Zuwaira Gombo thanked Borno state government for giving women opportunities in different sectors.

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