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Borno State Government Discovers That 75 To 80 Percent Of Lands In Maiduguri Are Without Certificate Of Occupancy

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Borno State Government has lamented that between 75 to 80 percent of landed properties in the state capital, Maiduguri are without title documents Certificate of Occupancy.

Addressing a press conference on Monday in Maiduguri, the Chairman of Borno State Geographic Information Service (BOGIS), Alhaji Bashir Shettima , stated that state government is worried that most perceived land owners do not have the prerequisite documents to show for their ownership.

Shettima, who said the government has given them uptill September ending to regularize their documents, warned that stringent steps may be taken to ensure that every land owner has a title document to their property.

Shettima said the state is also saddened by the number of undeveloped land, stressing that some of these lands were acquired over 40 years ago from either Northern region or northeast state government.

He said unfortunately the lands belong to some highly placed individuals in the state, who have not been paying ground rents of the properties.

He said accumulated ground rents of such properties are massive, and appealed to the owners of such undeveloped lands to develop them and pay their ground rents to avert government sanctions.

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