Nigeria: Mobile Police Killed Army Officer At Shehu’s Palace In Maiduguri

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A mobile police man named withheld has shot down the Chief Security Officer of the Shehu of Borno.

Trouble started in Maiduguri on Tuesday evening for the Mobile Police Officer name withheld when he returned from a drinking spree and in the process started shooting in the air at random.

The Army Officer Warrant officer Donatus Vrong was said to have warned him to stop shooting at random when he returned in the night but his troubled state of stupor did not allow him to respect orders to stop disturbing the peace of the area.

Impeccable sources said he was in an uncontrollably state of stupor that he was not ready to listen to the Army officer with whom they work together and who has been in charge of the security of the first class Chief since the Army took over security of the city since insurgency escalated in and around.

The Warrant Officer actually warned him to stop the shooting spree but he refused. He then reported him to his direct Officer in Charge who actually intervened and stopped him since it was night and it would send the wrong signals in the night.

He temporarily stopped but when everyone left, he started again.

The Warrant Officer still warned him to stop but instead of stopping, he just pointed the rifle at the Warrant Officer, fired and killed him. Said our source.

Immediately the sad incident happened the CP Abdu Umar directed the arrest of the culprit who was also disarmed and taken into protective custody. The theatre Commander Major General Chris Musa equally confirmed the incident adding that the CP has reached out to them to commiserate on the sad incident.

Meanwhile the Borno State Police command have set up a machinery to carry out an orderly room procedure to dismiss the erring officer and prepare him for arraignment for court action for murder.

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