Borno Emirate Concerned Citizens Condemns Video Of Christian Choir Group Fully Kitted With Kanuri Women Attires

The Borno Emirate Concerned Citizens Forum condemned the continued incitement against Kanuri sentiment.

The Forum said they found it ironic and derogatory, the content of the purported video of Christian Choir group fully kitted with Kanuri women attires which it deems to be harmful to the Kanuri and their fellow Christian living in the State.

They also said they strongly encourage our non-Muslim brothers and Sisters to take all necessary measures to combat direct and indirect forms of incitement against Muslims and prohibit any advocacy of religious hatred that may constitute an incitement to violence.

They noted that the exhibition is meant to copy the Kanuri culture by not relating to a religious song of incitement wholeheartedly, they welcome such a move, bearing that their culture is being admired by others, but combining Kanuri women’s cultural attire with religious songs has raised lots of concerns among the Kanuri folks.

They further said that they aware of the continued propagation from within and outside sources to spread Christianity among the Kanuri races by all means, this mission has failed and will forever not see the light of the day.

After spending millennium/decades/years and the millions of dollars spent and still spending, the project of Kanuri Harvest and others could not yield a single Kanuri to join other religions except their birth religion of Islam.

They also said they are aware of the establishment of radio stations meant to convert the Kanuris and the incitement like what has just prompted this press statement.

They added that, they are monitoring these radio stations and could respond at the appropriate time, One of such is here in Maiduguri the state capital and the two others are from Jos and the Republic of Niger.

They called on His Royal Majesty to sanction any Kanuri Cultural event that deviates from the original exhibition and should restrict the use of Anko (sewing the same sets of clothing during occasions) during occasions.

They also called on Government of Borno State to strengthen the already existing ways of religious and cultural harmony/tolerance among diverse backgrounds.

Parents are also enjoined to take drastic measures in discipline their wards to be good ambassadors of Islam and the Kanuri race.

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