Many people were killed on Saturday when suspected Boko Haram insurgents invaded Gudunbali town, the headquarters of Guzamala Local Government Area, Borno State, in northeast Nigeria a security source said.

Saturday’s renewed hostility in Gundunbali heightened fears among residents who had started going back to their ancestral homes after a long stay at IDP camps in Maiduguri the state capital

Details of the attack were still very sketchy at the time this report was filed, but a source said the insurgents invaded the town where fierce fight ensured between them and troops for several hours.
The source said the troops were allegedly overpowered at 5am Saturday.

The Deputy Governor of Borno State, Usman Mamman Durkwa, confirmed that there was a Boko Haram attack on a military base located in Gudumbali, the headquarters of Guzamala Local Government Area of the state.
Although Durkwa insisted that he was yet to get the actual number of casualties from security forces, after he had a conversation with the police commissioner, Mr. Damian Chukwu and the Brigade Commander of military forces in Monguno, sources said several soldiers fled the area.

Just last month, there were reports of Boko Haram attacks on a military base in one of the communities of Guzamala council area where over 40 soldiers were allegedly killed, but military authorities in Abuja dismissed the report, describing it as untrue.

Confirming the latest attack on the military base in Gudumbali, the deputy governor said the armed Boko Haram terrorists succeeded and took control of the whole area.

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  1. May God assist and protect Nigeria.

    The Military should inevitably develop war strategies aimed at:-
    1. Proactive Self-Defense multiple-task plans. 2. Plan and adopt Exeample from the Top Plans. 3. Plan, implement and improve offensive tactical measures. As reports showed, BH powers derive partly from “no persue actions from the Military”. 4. Arrest and brind to justice (immediately) all persons and bodies supporting the BH directly or indirectly. 5. One question arises:- How do and why Almajirey defeat highly trained, equiped and experienced militaries?!!

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