Bodies Of 27 Migrants Found In Chad Desert Says UN Group

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The bodies of 27 migrants including four children have been found in the Chadian desert, the International Organization for Migration said that it is “shocked and saddened” by the discovery.

The migrants left in a pick-up truck nearly a year and a half ago from Moussoro, a town in west-central Chad, and are believed to have gotten lost deep in the desert when the truck broke down and they died of thirst, said the migration organization, which is affiliated to the U.N.

More than 5,600 people have died or gone missing trying to cross the Sahara Desert in the last eight years with 110 migrant deaths recorded in Chad, including these most recent ones, said the organization.

For decades Chad has been a transit route for people trying to reach Libya and other North African countries from where they will try to cross the Mediterranean Sea to reach Europe.

Since 2016 pressure by European Union countries to discourage illegal migration has forced migrants to take dangerous routes resulting in many deaths, says conflict analysts.

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