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Blackcap Movement Group Honours 18 Personalities

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By Hassan Umar Shallpella, Adamawa

The Blackcap Movement, a political pressure group has honored 18 personalities that distinguished themselves in various field of human endeavours.

The recipients include politicians, philanthropists, Human Right activists and Academicians among others.

The founder of the movement, Mustapha Atiku Ribadu said the movement was formed in 2015 due to bad governance and massive corruption.

The blackcap as it is known, started as a mere pressure group of fiery young men who are not happy with Nigeria’s consistency slide towards anarchy and political perdition as a result of the twin maladies of bad governance and massive corruption.

He said that the movement in its few years of existence has stoutly fought social ills, injustice, and all manners of vices such as human right abuse, child abuse and Police brutality.

The Former Vice Chancellor Adamawa State University Mubi Prof. Alkasum Abba who spoke on “Corruption and Good governance” lamented that those who embezzled government funds goes scout free which affects governance in of the country.

Alkasum said people should be treated on equal basis irrespective of their status in the society, while leaders should operate within the confine of the Constitution.

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